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Why I am not a patriot!


Dear friends

It was at the political rally of the Nationalistic Party in Koblenz,
the ‘free-style event’ of the "European National Front" organized for Mrs. Petry, (the dumb rhetoric at this event gave rise to the mindless screams of "Merkel must-go")
which led me to come up with the following question:
Why am I not a patriot?

Because I don’t need a fatherland to have a good life,
a fatherland stuck within a nationalistic State;
because the whole world, indeed the entire universe is my home,
and because, on occasions, I feel closer to animals of the farthest continents
than to certain people of my home country.

I am not a patriot because I am at home anywhere I can engage with my inner self in silence,
where warm and open people line my path, no matter
where fate has just taken me.

Because my piano means home to me rather than a border-restricted country guarded by people in uniform.

Because my mother tongue is with me everywhere I go and understands me, even if I am not being understood by others.

I'm not a patriot,
because patriotism is the first step towards arrogance and ultimately, armed conflicts.

Because it is precisely our German history which should have taught us how important it is to master perpetual guilt.

A guilt, borne out of patriotism and nationalism.